It is always a good idea to give new functions to old furniture or even, once in a while, giving them away for those who may need or will give it the best use. Here we have some tips for what you can do with your old objects.

It’s not just a few people that have a room in their house used only for keeping all the mess that visitors aren’t allowed to see when they arrive. These quarantine days are making everybody more anxious, which makes them look for things to do in the house while they aren’t able to get out and go on normally with their lives. But we have to always try to see the glass half full, as some may say, and try to search for ways to make it a less stressful period for everyone. So, giving it an attempt now can be the time for you to take a break and go to that room. Give it a good search and see what you or others may be missing out on.

There’s a good chance you’ll find tools, old toys, clothes and several general things you don’t use anymore. But you can also find some old furniture you’ll be able to recycle or give a new purpose to. The DIY tutorials are among the most searched topics on the internet and most of the interviewed people when asked, say its also kind of therapeutic in some way. Nightstands are among one of the most changed pieces of furniture in a couple’s bedroom, and they also easily found in one of these “mess rooms”. It’s a small and good one to start your new hobby. A hobby that can become an idea for a business. You can sand it and paint it in another color. Maybe use it in another room with a reading-lamp above it.

What else to do?

Old pop boxes are good to do the same. Everybody has them in their homes and they can use it as well, with a glass cover above, as a coffee table. You may be missing useful space in your house when keeping a room like that.  You get the sensation that you made something manually and also get rid of old items. It gives you a sense of accomplished mission, which can’t be overrated these days. The place you get free may be used for several other ideas, such as storage, playrooms, personal-libraries, for example. You have no idea that sometimes, changing a small detail, can make a huge difference in your home. Let’s go-to in-home move?

Also, in cases you find things you definitely don’t want anymore or have no longer space for, you can find a lot of donation centers in need of anything you can give.

Things like old toys and clothes, when you can, are always needed by these institutions who are trying to address all the donations they are receiving for the less fortunate. They normally act with the government’s approval and in partnership with private investors who want to in some charitable way to advertise their enterprises or in association with churches humanitarian’s ministries. The Salvation Army is easily contacted and they search for donors and have several vans that, in partnership with packers and movers from some of the Toronto’s best moving companies, are collecting all these items people feel they need to get rid of throughout the city. That’s a way they can also make their jobs and services noticeable by the population and help during the actual crisis. Contact one of the best-reviewed ones when in need. 

By Luiz Araujo



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