Renovating the residence? 5 advantages of using storage.


You can plan with the utmost care in the world, but when the house renovation starts, everything goes crazy, right? Certainly, you who have been through a situation like this know what we are talking about. The good news is that nowadays the storage system is a great strategy for those who are renovating and have nowhere to store such items.

Steps to folow

1 – Space: the first and clearest advantage of having the furniture storage system is space. You will necessarily need space when renovating the apartment, as this is a job that involves a large number of people and the environment needs to be free for those who will break walls, work with tools, use plugs, and so on.

2 – Furniture preservation: we can also point out the conservation of furniture. This is very easy to explain: during an apartment renovation, the chances of accidents involving furniture are great. If the furniture is not removed, it is quite likely that this will happen. And, let’s face it: renovating a property already requires a high investment. And having to spend even more money on new furniture is not a good idea.

3 – Cost-effective: yes, furniture rental is not free. But, think about the cost-benefit ratio. Besides, what is heavier within your budget? A new piece of furniture, to replace one that was damaged in the renovation, or a month or two of renting a furniture store you trust?

4 – Security: establishments that offer this type of system have 24/7 security with cameras, a clean environment, and also controlled temperature. This ensures much more security and peace of mind. In addition, you can trust that your most valuable furniture will not suffer stealing or even any damage.

5 – Disassembly and assembly of furniture. This service has an additional advantage if you want to assemble the furniture in another location after the renovation. You will not pay anything for it.


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