Moving Piano Safely


A piano is not just an object. In addition to being expensive, you carry within it a whole relationship with music and your lifestyle. Did you imagine that part of you broken? Moving piano is more difficult that we imagine.

Moving it is not for amateurs or adventurers, this arduous task requires skilled labor and serious planning.

Fragile, and heavy, pianos seem nearly impossible to move but they are not.

Although it is possible to move a piano with the help of some friends, it is difficult, and for that reason, we highly recommend hiring a professional moving company with the piano moving experience to do the job.

The best professional piano movers are well-trained, equipped, licensed and insured, and can guarantee a safe piano relocation.

Don’t regret a bad decision for the rest of your life. When you need to move it for a new home or for storage, hire a professional and well-evaluated company moving.

Maintain prior contact with a professional to perform the fine-tuning after the moving – although many experts recommend waiting a month before doing so.



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