There are several moving companies in Canada, and questions about moving services are among the most searched subjects online. Here are some tips for when you need the help of experts

If you decided to make an inter-island move there is a lot to prepare to do it properly. You and your family probably won’t be able to do it without the assistance from a well-recommended moving company. Many people, when searching for moving services get over-flowed by information and it gets hard to decide the most competent. There are many ways you can know how to trust or not in a company. Even if you are contacting them only through their website. Especially when you need to do a specific service, like long-distances or inter-island moves, not easy to find them. We gathered some tips to help you to get in contact with the most renowned local companies near your location.

The most efficient and recommended companies do not make their advertisement only online and will normally offer several different ways you can contact them.  They also provide more than just one service and if you need to move inter-island you’ll probably need a whole pack. Their client’s opinions are their best advertisement. Offering complete moving services is not for every company. In an inter-island move, you’ll need packers that will securely store your belongings to get through the waters. The companies can provide refined storage units inside of shipping containers to transport safely your furniture and any kind of other objects.

Factors may interfere in the final price

The storage units in inter-island moves are adapted to eventual climate changes that can damage the load. Depending on how heavy will be your move, you can get discounts. They got up to 10 to 50% off the original prices due to the quarantine if you talk to them in advance. On most companies’ website’s you can get 100 bucks coupons to lower the price of your move.

When moving inter-islands you’ll have to decide if you’ll use a container and take it by rent with your own car in a ferryboat. Which is a public service and a cheap one, but the responsibility to not damage anything will be only yours. You’ll pay also for the company that rents the containers to safe storage, pack and transport it for you on their own adapted watercraft. Especially in these regions where the sea’s agitated is better not to take chances and trust a reliable company.  Remember to always schedule in advance, because this is a service provided by only a few niche companies and they have a well-programmed chronogram.

It is better to rely on a competent company than try to do it yourself. Their workers are fully trained and will do it in half the time you would. If trying to do it alone, and some of your things damaged, the costs will outcome what would be the price to get a trustable helping hand.  The companies also provide other types of storage services if you need them. Rely on previous customers’ opinions and look for the best movers in Toronto. They provide inter-province and national moves, such as oversea ones. So it won’t be a trouble for them to make your inter-island move. Just make sure to organize everything well and plan your move without a short schedule. In every case must of these companies provide removals insurance, so get rid or all your doubts while contacting them.

 By Luiz Araujo


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