Canada is one of the biggest and coldest countries in the world. Continentally and because of the position of the mountain ranges, its characteristic is its freezing cities and underground and stores. The warmer period of the year is called “short summer”. Throughout the winter, Edmonton, for example, the coldest city, has an average temperature of -13 degrees Celsius. Only on the coast of British Columbia, the temperature exceeds 0 degrees Celsius during the winter. And that doesn’t mean that the climate there is really warmer. It rains most of the time. Difficult for a winter moving.

Winter moving may become a problem for those who need to move or even for the moving companies. Some roads have to be closed for periods of the year. And even during the summer, the temperatures aren’t actually what we would call high.  Because of the ice on the roads, some adaptations on the trucks of the companies are necessary. One alternative is the use of iron chains around the tires, for stability during the way to a new location.  Besides that, the tires changing to other ones,  more proper for snow and ice road trips.  That is extremely necessary, due to the risks of sliding. A common accident in our highways, sadly.

The sudden climate changes may be a concern for anybody who’s trying to find a new home during the coldest months, but there are moving companies specialized in those kinds of services, knowing that at some point anybody would have to travel or move while the temperature keeps descending. They search for the best ways to make it safely. Some may say that, because of fewer searchers during those times, winter could be the best period of the year to make your move.

Maybe More Economic

One of the pros of moving during the winter is the price. Companies offer discounts to their clients, due to the business going slower. Which can reason enough for anyone who doesn’t want to spend a lot of money, especially in this hard time we live these days. Every penny counts. Prices can be under 15% off the original. Saving money is the key nowadays. Of course, costs will depend also on how far the person is moving. Which will be the difficulties the movers may find along the way, how much furniture they are taking, if you have to take any special care to some delicate object, among other details. But that is also why planning is an important part of your move.

Companies evaluate everything to their benefits, so clients have to do the same.  Some of them will be paid by the hours of work. And others by how much weight they will have to take and how many workers they will need to do the job. So, if you want to hire a very well rated company to do the service, January is one of the coldest, but easier months to get in contact with them and also to pay the lowest prices, keeping in mind that you’ll have to program yourself with anticipation anyway. 

More Available Spots for Scheduling

Another pro to the list is the fact that, simply because there aren’t a lot of people contacting them during the winter, scheduling becomes easier. Sounds obvious, but in cities with a big population and higher temperatures that can become a problem, you can ask anyone in Florida about it.  A problem you only know that exists when you see yourself in the situation. There’s an opportunity in the cold days, and if you have to relocate, don’t feel afraid to get free of all your doubts about the moving companies you chose.

By Luiz Araujo



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